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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Intentional Living

Ashlee Langas

We're in the vibes business. The feel-good business. The mindfulness business. Just like most things, though, offering suggestions on how to live is much easier than actually walking the talk. In setting out to create The Mystic Rebel we were intent on walking the talk. Generating ideas for classes, workshops, and services was, of course, exciting. Practicing our teachings in application to building and running a business, though, is where things got truly interesting and fulfilling. 


What would it feel like to merge our intuition with practicality? What would it look like to use creativity instead of force, to flow instead of strike? What if we decreed our business a competition-free zone? What if we applied our "no-experience necessary" class policy to this very big endeavor? Could curiosity and a willingness to try be enough to get us started, just as we believe it is enough to get anyone started on their wellness and healing path?


We do not want The Mystic Rebel to simply be another studio. We want it to be a real-life classroom for everything that we teach and promote. We want it to be a testing ground for all of these spiritual and wellness practices. Our hope for The Mystic Rebel is that it lives and breathes with the essence of intentional living. We've dreamed up a space for you that will slow your breathing, soften your body, put a pause to your rote routines, and offer you the opportunity to connect with other people who are seeking the same thing. 


We painted these walls with the intention that every person who passed through them would feel supported, loved, and empowered. We rolled out our rugs with the intention that every foot would feel connected to the earth in some small way. We set tea with the intention that you might stick around and tell us your story for a bit. We set the space with the intention that you would feel surrounded by beauty, and that you might realize that you are worthy of it. 


Welcome to The Mystic Rebel. We are deeply grateful and humbled by the opportunity to learn, grow, and apply our practices. It is an honor to serve you and co-create this space with you. We can't wait for all that is yet to come. Our mantra in building this place was "It's Easy". We hope you can come breath easy with us for a bit.


With ease,

Julia & Ashlee

The Mystic Rebel Healing Collective.