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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Sensitivity is a gift...

Ashlee Langas


It can become frustrating to move through life when we feel like we are more sensitive than others.

"Calm down!"
"Don't be so sensitive!"
"Just let it go..."

That is the programming that many of us have received. We come to believe that our ability to feel things more subtly, and thus deeply, is a burden rather than a gift.

Writer Glennon Doyle says that the sensitive souls are the canaries in the coal mine... we are here to alert folks to when things are going south!

We aren't meant to ignore our subtle senses... in fact the exact opposite.

Your sensitivity is your strength. Your subtle senses have a world of helpful information in them. Your emotions are your helpers and messengers!

This week how can you regard a certain sensitivity of yours as a gift rather than an annoyance? How can you listen a little closer where you would usually dismiss or judge?

MANTRA: My sensitivities are my early alert system. Listening offers my life more ease.