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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Get curious about your rage...

Ashlee Langas


Get Curious About Your Anger...

Anger and rage can sometimes feel like the forbidden frontier of our mental and emotional wellness. We've often been taught to fear and judge our anger, or to hide and repress it in unhelpful and unhealthy ways.

Our anger, like any other emotion, is simply trying to
communicate something to us.
Where are your boundaries feeling violated?
Where are you feeling depleted, unseen, or under-appreciated?

Rather than avoid this sometimes uncomfortable emotion, or clench around it in judgement, where can you get curious about what it is trying to show you?

How can you find healthy ways to lean in and explore your rage, letting it teach you something about yourself and the present flow of your life?

MANTRA: My anger is a tool guiding me into a deeper understanding of myself.