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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Can you hold it in the light?

Ashlee Langas


It can often seem that we humans are wired for negativity... and, in fact, we are!

Survival instincts bias our imaginations toward all of the
terrible things that could happen to us.

Something might be going very well in our lives, but at the slightest hint of falter or imperfection we spiral to the opposite end of the spectrum,
bracing for the fall.

What if instead we practiced holding things in the Light that we've seen them in.

We can train our minds to hold people and situations in the highest good that we've seen them in, drawing out the Light, even if it is just a crack.

Walking a path of mindfulness and wellness means cultivating discipline. Discipline of our minds and souls is just as important as discipline of our bodies.

When situations get sour or life gets tense we are offered the opportunity to practice holding these things in the highest light of what we've seen and felt possible.

Rather than worrying about loved one's illness, practice holding them in the light of perfect health in your mind.

Instead of stressing and spiraling about a tense project at work, cultivate the discipline of holding the situation and everyone involved in the highest light of what you'd like to see play out.

Where can you release worry and control this week and practice holding and drawing out the Light?

MANTRA: My only job is to find and focus on the crack of light in everything.