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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Are you having fun with it?

Ashlee Langas


Life, that is...
Are you allowing yourself to find the fun and play in the seemingly mundane?
Or are you compartmentalizing and "earning" your enjoyment?

Sometimes (ahem, most of the time) we take ourselves WAY too seriously.
We may even have gotten ourselves locked into a belief system that we have to earn our enjoyment of life through an exchange of hard work and misery.

Enjoying is not cheating.
Things feeling easy does not mean you are lazy.
Having fun does not have to be separate from being of service.

This weekend and into the coming weeks try allowing space for fun and play to weave into the ordinary moments of your days.

Where are you choking off your joy?
Where can you soften your seriousness?
How much permission for play can you allow in?

MANTRA: Enjoying is not cheating.
My joy is an offering!