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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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We can hold both the love and the fear...

Ashlee Langas


"The repressed always returns in monstrous form. The life current of the soul is like the natural force of plant life, like the grass that grows up through cement and in a relatively short time obliterates grand monuments of culture. If we try taming and boxing in this innate power, it will inevitably find its way into the light."
-Thomas Moore, 'Care of the Soul'

It can feel like we are living in a time of aggressive extremes: good guys and bad guys, hope versus fear, lightness or darkness. 

The truth is we are rarely either/ or and usually both. We carry sorrow in equal measure to our joy and the farther we stretch into our lightness, the deeper we expand into the dark. 

Learning to make space for both our love AND our fear can be a beautiful practice to navigate uncertain times. As the quote above references, anything repressed returns with greater force. When we reject our fear, sadness, anger, or shame we actually feed it in unlikely ways. Thomas Moore references this yearning for the light... what if we looked at everything that arises through that lens- regarding it as something simply asking to be seen and honored... to have a little light shed on it?

When we stop repressing and start allowing, we create space for the lush transformation of things once regarded as too ugly or broken to be redeemable.

When we learn to allow our fear and our love to expand in equal measure we can discover the unique gifts of each, and the beautiful nuance that contrast gives to our waking life. 

MANTRA: I can hold both light and dark... love and fear. I allow space for anything and everything that arises and trust the hidden gifts.