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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Let Your Meditation Move You

Ashlee Langas


Most people have a fixed and limited idea of what meditation should look and feel like...

Silence. Stillness. Absolute Bliss.

Often, though, it feels more like thinking with your eyes closed, trying not to fidget, and beating ourselves up for not being more enlightened. 

There are many ways to meditate, and one powerful form of meditation can be a waking, moving meditation. Sometimes getting out of our heads and into the tangible world is the most elevating experience we can have.

We can make anything a meditation, because we can use any activity as an opportunity to connect to ourselves and create a moment of ceremony in our days. Creating these moments of ritual and mindfulness in our day to day life can slow us down and deepen our connection to self without the pressure of reaching that elusive bliss state. Some ideas:

Waking Meditation:
Create a waking routine of moving through your space and "waking up" the rooms of your home. Rather than starting your day scrolling through your phone, commit instead to rising and stretching to wake up your body, moving mindfully through your space lighting candles or incense to wake up the space, and imagine cultivating the energy and emotions that you want to experience through out the coming day in your body and in the space around you. 

Cleaning Meditation:
Carve out an evening ritual of cleaning up your space and putting things away to create a restful and complete energy around you before you go to bed. As you move, let yourself mindfully close out the experiences of the day, letting what is done be done, and trusting that tomorrow offers you a fresh opportunity to play the life game again!

Vehicle Meditation:
What state is your car in? Clean? Messy? A fucking nightmare? Think of what your car or vehicle (if you have one) represents for you: your mode of moving through the world. Could it use some loving attention? Create a moving meditation of giving your vehicle some extra love and attention, with the intention that you are cleaning up the energy of your forward movement in life as well. If you travel via public transit or some other mode, give this same attention and intention to the bags that you carry.

MANTRA: I find the form of meditation the works for me. I can turn mundane moments into opportunities for mindfulness and connection.