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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Invite It All In

Ashlee Langas


We often talk about unconditional love for others, or the virture of accepting another as they are- flaws and all.

With ourselves, on the other hand, we often find value and worth in how committed we are to improving and working on our defaults.

Why do we expect ourselves to unconditionally accept others, but very conditionally scrutinize ourselves? In truth, we cannot offer others what we are unable to offer ourselves. While we are busy picking ourselves apart while trying not to judge those we love, we are fracturing our relational abilities... both with self and others. 

When something arises in us that triggers our instinct to judge, it is reflecting an aspect of our souls that is untended. Judging our emotional responses is an act of distrusting ourselves and our soul. Choosing instead to patiently listen and receive whatever trigger or experience is arising allows us to begin coming back into relationship with the deep needs and desires of the soul that have been lost, forgotten, or ignored.

Receiving ourselves fully, ugly emotions and all, allows the soul to come back into union with itself and establishes a baseline of trust in our relationship to ourselves. 

Letting it all in serves to expand us so that we can continually hold more and more- for ourselves and others- with grace and ease. 

Look at the thoughts, emotions, or experiences that you repeatedly resist or avoid.
What are they trying to show you?
Where might they be pointing to something that is actually quite beautiful in you that is simply looking for some nurturance?

MANTRA: By opening up to myself fully I am able to receive others in their fullness. I trust every part of me, no matter how challenging it may first appear.