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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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How quickly do you bounce back?

Ashlee Langas


How Quickly Do You Bounce Back?

People often feel discouraged in their meditation practice as they feel their attention wandering. 

Distractions will always arise, and we know that to be true in life as well.

Our goal in meditation is not to become distraction-less... our goal is to train ourselves to come back to center- back to our focus- easier and quicker each time.

In life as well, challenges and fears always have the possibility to arise. What matters more than what comes for us is how quickly we are able to return to our center. 

Meditation is a training of our mind. We train ourselves to return to center- to the loving and expansive possibilities- with more and more ease.

How can you reframe your understanding of meditation and how you are using your mind? How can you release your need for certain results, and instead simply focus on always returning to your center?

MANTRA: My only job is to return to my center.