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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Enjoying the moment before...

Ashlee Langas


The Moment Before...

"Every moment in our lives is a miracle. We should enjoy instead of ignoring."
-Yoko Ono

The changing of seasons can often be a restless time. It represents an in between space... a moment before. We are not quite into the next established season, but we have already started to shift out of the last one. 

In life we can find ourselves in a moment before; the space before the big breakthrough, the new revelation, the fresh perspective. In these moments before we are not quite where we were, but not yet where we are going. We know we can't go back, but we aren't quite sure how (or when) we will be able to move forward.

The moment before is a pause. It is the empty space at the bottom of a breath. It is the stillest, darkest night air. It can hold a beautiful mix of excitement and terror.  And it is a miracle just like every other moment.

Learning to soften into our moments before can ease our suffering and open up a world of possibility that we miss in our anxious anticipation of what will come next.

This weekend sink into the pause... your very own moment before.

MANTRA: I honor and enjoy the still space in between.