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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Ashlee Langas


Have you met Whitney yet?? If not, slip into one of the three classes she is currently teaching for us and allow your mind to be blown! Whitney is a teacher, shamanic practitioner, energetic seeress, and so much more! Her classes embody the full scope of what yoga is meant to be- aligning mind, body, and spirit- and her bright smile is sure to warm you up regardless of what you might be moving through. We'll let her tell you more about her path to this work...

Tell us the story of how you first came to or discovered the practice you teach. Where were you in your life? What were the circumstances?

I first started getting the message to do Yoga about 2 years ago after I had set foot on my personal Spiritual path. Every time the message came through, I felt very confused. I had never shown much of an interest in Yoga, and had only tried a handful of classes in my entire life. Then, during an intense moment in the Amazon rainforest, I received the message to do Yoga AGAIN. This time the message was clear, embody and LIVE the spiritual work you’ve been doing, or else it’s meaningless. Fast forward about 2.5 months after that moment, I quit my job and found myself in the jungles of Costa Rica on a transformative, life-changing, 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. So, I guess you could say I truly “found” my practice in the throes of the training. Up until that point in my life, I was confused, shifting directions at rapid speed, and was seeking clarity and purpose. 

Why did you decide to teach? What is your favorite gift that you receive from teaching?

I decided to teach because I felt the call to share what I knew was going to be an intense transformation. I had been feeling a call to hold space for others’ transformation. The best gift I receive from teaching is the constant reminder that we’re in this thing called Life together. We forget, and sometimes we can go into an energetic isolation. When I see my students receive inner clarity and healing, I myself receive a healing. We’re Pack animals, energetically connected, and it’s such a beautiful gift to witness over and over again. 

What “titles” do you assign to yourself now? As many as you like!

I am a Yoga Teacher and Energy Worker (working in Shamanic healing modalities and Craniosacral, to be specific). 

What is your current favorite daily personal practice, whether it is something you teach or not!

My current favorite daily practice usually begins with a Meditation or Journey work, followed by a dance sesh and then grounding into a Yoga practice. I’m getting better at letting my body move through it’s own moment-to-moment sequence. Our body never lies, trust what it needs! Letting my body take the wheel versus my brain are the days where I have the best personal practice. 

What do you most want people to experience in your classes?

I truly want people to feel themselves and trust their own Inner Teacher in my classes. We’ve really pulled ourselves out of our bodies and we primarily live in our minds, especially as Westerners. Our body is the beautiful vehicle we get to drive in this plane, and it’s full of information, memories, waves of heightened emotion, light, wisdom, consciousness... the list goes on. And, it shifts. Our body is energy and it can shift in an instant when we drop in and truly listen to it. That’s what I hope my students walk out of my class with. 

What is one current mantra or intention you are working with?

I’m really working with the intention of Trust right now. In the spiritual community, we hear people throw that word around quite a bit, “Trust.” Recently I’ve tried to embrace what felt like a cliché to me, and it’s been hard. Trusting that the Universe has my back, and trusting that as long as I follow my joy, I’ll live the life that I dream of. That’s a scary thing to surrender to, but damn it feels like the magic the Sages talked about when we truly drop into Trust. 

What does “Rebel” mean to you?

To me, “Rebel” means BIG. It means no playing small, no holding back, no hiding the light inside you that makes you YOU from the world. Be big, be bold, there’s no one else like you on the planet, and to hide that would be an injustice to the rebellion. 

Come see Whitney Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at the studio!