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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Breathe Into Discomfort...

Ashlee Langas


There is a BIG Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse reaching fullness tomorrow. It's also a Blue Moon AND a Blood Moon... yowza! Themes of release and transformation, clear communication and expression, and fully stepping into and recieving your inherent worthiness may be coming up. You can read more about it HERE.

When we move things mentally and emotionally, we also often move them physically. Sometimes as we release the old, our body acts up as those old energies work their way out of our cells. 

Change and transformation- whether emotional, physical, or both- can be deeply uncomfortable even when we know it's ultimately taking us to a better place. When we feel our bodies speaking up or acting out, we have the incredible opportunity to come into deeper relationship with ourselves by offering our gentle attention to the discomfort and breathing through the change. 

Take a moment and identify one spot in your body that has been crying out to you. Whatever the sensation, take a moment to relax around it, lean into it with your breath, and see if you cant help the process of releasing the old rather than fighting against the initial discomfort. 

Coming into deep relationship with ourselves means receiving everything that comes up for us... no matter how uncomfortable. You have your breath, and that is all you'll ever need to move through anything that comes.

MANTRA: I breathe into my discomfort. I breathe through the change. I am ready to work with my transformation rather than against it.