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453 South Spring Street
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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Are you listening?

Ashlee Langas


Our bodies are wise.
Yeah... you've probably heard that a million times. 
We have pain to tell us when something is wrong, pleasure to tell us when something is right, and a whole slew of other cues and sensations trying to communicate subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) messages day in and day out.

Out bodies can communicate with us about more than just physical needs... 
They can guide us in our decision-making, relationship building, and just about every other way we navigate the world. 

Our bodies are talking to us at all times... but usually we aren't listening.
We have learned to shut down our body wisdom by calling ourselves
"too sensitive".
We deny and justify away the innate knowings that come before our rational mind can catch up.

Just like any relationship, establishing an ease of trust and communication between ourselves and the immense wisdom that our bodies carry starts with listening and honoring the whispers and cues that arise.

When you get the uncomfortable feeling in your stomach about a certain person do you honor it? When the idea of having to do something immediately makes you sick do you listen?

Start listening to the whispers of your body... it is trying to help you flow through your life with more ease and grace.

MANTRA: I trust my body and it's cues. I listen to my body and honor what it shares. I know my body is wise and I work with that wisdom daily.