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Soften with Change

Ashlee Langas

June is bringing an incredible energy of change. Whether small or large, many of us are feeling the rustling and restlessness of brewing change and transformation. Some of us love change, and some of us cower at the thought, but either way our conscious and unconscious systems are often overwhelmed and drained by impending changes. If change is an inevitable in life, how can we relax and enjoy the process of change? 

1) Soften.

If you can do nothing else in the face of change, let your first mantra be "I soften myself to this experience". Mental, emotional, or physical tension will never allow us full access to our power, creativity, and clarity. When the discomfort of impending change arises, let your first response be to see where you can soften. Release your need for control, release your assumptions about the situation at play, and release your physical clenching and holding. Soften, soften, soften. 

2) Drink More Water.

Seriously. It's that simple and that hard. Keeping ourselves hyper-hydrated is not only the least we can do for our sweet little bodies in times of stress, but also forces us to pause repeatedly through out our days. In this pause, we offer ourselves a moment of checking in. Energetically, we remind ourselves that we value ourselves and value our wellbeing... that no matter what comes we will be there for ourselves. Water reminds us to find strength and power in our fluidity. 

3) Take a Chance on Things Going Right.

So much of our fear of change is connected to our fear of all that could go wrong. When those anxieties and fears arise, what if we released our obsession around knowing how things will go, and took a chance on the possibility that things could actually go very right?

4) Make Space.

Literally and figuratively. Throw some stuff away, and observe where your attachments are to things you don't actually need (or even want). Clear physical clutter to clear up mental space. Make time for things that bring you peace and joy. Make space in your life for the things you want, even before they've shown up. Make space in your days to check in with yourself. Make space and don't rush to fill it with anything (or anyone).

5) Be Kind.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. See how a day shifts when you start it by smiling at a stranger. See how your stress dissolves when you offer yourself the loving patience to change and grow as quickly OR AS SLOWLY as you wish. Be kind, be kind, be kind. 

"How can I make my life look more like love?" may be a mantra to play with. 

Above all else, even when it is scary, we hope that you can drop into the full experience of your life through every change, twist, and turn. We're always here if you need to come by for a bit of respite and relief.

With Ease,

Julia & Ashlee (The Mystic Rebel Healing Collective)