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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Why is the most wonderful time of year so stressful?

Ashlee Langas


We've been feeling the pace of life pick up and the stresses increase over here at the studio, and if you are like us your to-do lists have been growing quicker than you can check things off.

Moving into the holiday season can so easily spin us into a frenzy: sometimes we get so caught up in the dream of doing it all that we forget to actually enjoy all that we do!

Whether you are traveling, hosting, planning, or just generally working your ass off this is the time to practice all of the mindfulness tools you've been developing. Feeling calm in our nice, white healing studio is easy; feeling calm while your cooking for the masses and fielding political land mines is a whole other challenge! We know you are up for it.

Here's a few mental reframes to test out over the next few weeks when you find yourself wanting to spin out:

1) I don't have to do this, I GET to do this... and I alway have the option to say no: Rather than looking at your to-do list as a burden, reframe it with gratitude for all of the things you have the privilege of being a part of. When you are feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself that you can always say no. Even if you feel like you can't, you can. You always have the choice to say "this is too much... let's simplify".

2) "That's interesting": Finding yourself in social situations with family and old friends who you don't always get along with? Rather than getting sucked into traditional arguments, try releasing your need to be right and simply offer "that's interesting!" or "what an interesting way to look at it!". In challenging conversations you always have a choice: would you rather be right or be at peace? Choose wisely.

3) Breathe: Yes, it's that simple. Remember to breathe. Try moving slower. Try getting more diligent about your daily mindfulness practice, rather than less. See what happens this holiday season when you put your stillness and peace as top priority. My guess is everything will still get done, and this time you'll actually get to enjoy it!

MANTRA: This holiday season I put my stillness and peace as top priority, and I trust that everything will flow with ease as I do.