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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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What is in a word?

Ashlee Langas


The Power of Words

We've heard that words have power. We've been told that what we speak about we can bring about, for better or worse. How much belief and weight do we give this, though?

The words we are using on a day to day basis are scripting the stories that we are living. The words that we speak to others narrate the understandings that develop between us. Many of us have experienced the unfortunate side effects of carelessly used words. If we know that words have power in the negative, why wouldn't we believe they have power to be used positively as well?

I began a practice a few years ago of changing the way I endeavored into my New Year's Resolutions. Instead of picking goals, I pick words: 2-3 words that embody what I most want to feel and experience in the coming year. This practice has had RADICAL effects on my life. To give you a quick example, the words I picked for 2017 were "Holy" and "Wild"... and I ended up with a business called "The Mystic Rebel"... holy and wild! This stuff is real, and it works. Our words and intentions have power, and it is time we start using them consciously and intentionally.

You may have seen our announcement about our Inner Rebellion course we are running starting January 2nd. A primary practice we are building the course on is this exercise of investigating a couple of words that you would like your year to be focused on, rather than picking superficial goals. What do you want to feel? How would you like your year to be described?

Whether you plan to join us for the course or not, starting playing exploring what words you would like 2018 to hold for you. You are the writer and creator of your story, and it starts with your words. Choose them wisely.

MANTRA: I script my days with my words, and I choose them mindfully.