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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Staying Soft

Ashlee Langas


When things get busy, when we feel the pressure on, when we come upon a season where expectations run high- it can be easy to slip into instinctual, old patterns of responding. We suit up for battle, we gear up for things to be stressful, we exhaust ourselves before we've even begun with the expectations how things will go, and how we will have to show up.

We always have the choice to soften, though. Instead of toughening up to "handle" it all, we can choose to soften and trust that however we are able to show up is perfect. Instead of running our bodies into exhaustion, we can offer ourselves gentleness and extra care and rest. Instead of spinning ourselves up into the old stories of how we always get treated and how we need to guard against people, we can relax into things moment by moment and release expectations and judgement about what is to come.

A Course in Miracles says "In my defenselessness my safety lies". A message that came through for me in meditation this week was "Stand in the vulnerability until it feels like freedom". Similar messages: Soften. Try dropping the defenses. See what happens when you let all the masks, judgements, and expectations fall and simply show up just as you are.

MANTRA: In my defenselessness my safety lies. In my vulnerability I can find my freedom. It is safe for me to soften.