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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Sometimes you just have to say "Fuck It!"

Ashlee Langas

Fuck it.jpg

Learning to Surrender

This word "surrender" comes up a lot in mindfulness practices. "Let it go", you may have heard uttered in a meditation. This can be frustrating, though, because if we knew how to let something go we probably already would have.

If you've ever taken a Yin Yoga class you have probably experienced the sensation of your muscles tremoring from trying to clench or hold on in places where they don't need to. We get our bodies into postures where we can let gravity do all of the work, and yet somehow the hardest thing in the world is to let those muscles release... to stop trying to do something or make something happen and instead allow the natural and easy release and repositioning of things.

Sometimes surrender looks a lot like saying "Fuck it". 

"Fuck it... it'll get done when it gets done."
"Fuck it... that's not my problem to fix."
"Fuck it... I'm gonna let whatever happens happen and I'll figure it out then."

Letting go is really, really hard and then- the easiest thing in the world.

Saying "Fuck it" to the things that are driving you mad will feel deeply irresponsible, and then deeply freeing.

Surrender is giving yourself the gift of not having to try so hard, and trusting that you are, and will continue to be, more than enough by simply existing. 

MANTRA: Fuck it!