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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Quick meditation for the holidays...

Ashlee Langas


A quick meditation to take you through the holiday weekend with love:

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, all the way down into your belly, and on the exhale let your body soften. Do that one more time, and soften a little more. Now tune into your core, and begin to generate a smile from your organs. Perhaps beginning with your liver, then letting that smile spread to other organs. As the smile grows, let it fill up more and more of your body until it extends out beyond you. Now send that vibrant, smile energy to those you love. Now send it to that relative who's a little bit racist. You're doing great! Your only job is to hold your energy bright, and let it spill out to those around you.