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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Is your operating system in need of an update?

Ashlee Langas


This weekend brought us the first and only Supermoon of the 2017. Many spiritual traditions consider the time around the Full Moon to be potent times for releasing and renewal. This Supermoon is paired with the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde (dont panic!), which is also potent for all things "re". Whether you believe in astrology or not, using these astrological markers as opportunities to reflect can be a powerful way to mark passing time and the changes that take place both inside and out. 

This Supermoon paired with the beginning of Mercury Retrograde offers a beautiful opportunity to do a little program re-boot: What mental thought patterns and belief systems are outdated? Where are you operating based on memories instead of present experiences? Are there relationships and boundaries in your life that need to be adjusted? Is your understanding and experience of yourself up to date? 

Take some time to journal and meditate with the intention of uncovering any areas of your life where you are running a script that is no longer accurate or helpful. Honor what that old story offered you, but be willing to surrender it to make space for something new that is going to carry you to your next level. 

Skin sheds. Old foliage dies off to create new life. Our computers and phones get regular updates. Why wouldn't the same be true for us?

MANTRA: I am ready and willing to update my programing. I am thankful for the old that brought me to where I am, and I welcome in the new with excitement for where I will go!