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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Honoring your physical freakouts...

Ashlee Langas


Sometimes no matter how much we meditate and process and work at managing our mental and emotional stress, our body shows it's dissatisfaction in the form of rashes, freak injuries, strange and sudden colds and illness, and other odd and frustrating physical freak outs. 

It can be easy to turn our body into the enemy; getting angry that it's not keeping pace with the unreasonable schedule we've set for ourselves, or impatiently trying to rush the problems away. Our body is never our enemy, though. Our body is like a canary in the coal mine- it is showing us when the air is getting thin and we are in danger of a cave in. Strange physical injuries and freak outs are usually our body's way of saying "enough... time to slow down. Time to listen."

Try reframing some physical injury or discomfort you are experiencing. Rather than considering it a problem to be fixed, observe it as information to be listened to. Just like we don't like it when we are trying to talk and others aren't listening, our body doesn't like when it is trying to tell us something and we ignore it. We don't want to have to make our bodies scream at us, but they will if we let it get that bad! Try listening compassionately to what your body is trying to tell you, and take action to heed it's wisdom. 

MANTRA: I listen to my body with compassion, and I trust the messages it brings.