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Do You Block Your Abundance??

Ashlee Langas

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we want to open up the conversation around money and finances as an important part of your wellness journey.

When we don't feel secure financially, it is hard to focus on growth and wellness in other areas. Money troubles trigger our most basic survival instincts, and the stress can feel insurmountable at times.

Money is just energy. We've heard that over and over again but fully receiving that truth can be hard to come around to. Like anything and everything else, energy is just energy, and energy simply wants to flow. We are only ever either resisting or allowing energy to flow freely, and that applies to money as well. 

Identifying core beliefs that may be blocking your ability to recieve substantial financial support can be a huge piece of healing your money story.

Take some time and start to write down all the thoughts, beliefs, and sayings that come to mind related to money. Really dig into what you TRULY believe about money, not what you'd like to believe. As you write out these phrases or beliefs, regardless of whether you think they apply to you, check in with your body and notice if you feel yourself tensing or stressing around certain beliefs. Start to check in with how your body responds to certain thoughts and beliefs. Use your body to really tune into what's going on in your core belief systems.

Once you know what your unhelpful beliefs are, you can begin working to clear those and replace them with something more supportive and helpful. Here at the studio we've been digging into EFT Tapping as a way to clear old belief systems and we highly recommend it! Above is a sample video to try out.

Give yourself the gift of really paying attention to your money blocks, as they usually point to ways we resist good things in general. Healing any beliefs we have around resisting good things is a gift of honoring our true, inherent, and unconditional worth. Being wholly well in mind, body, and spirit is not only the greatest thing you can seek to cultivate in yourself, but it is also the greatest offering you can bring forth into the world to help and guide those around you toward the same thing.

MANTRA: It is safe for me to look at my money blocks. It is easy for me to shift unhelpful beliefs. Money is just energy and I am ready to let it flow.