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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Your heart is a tree

Ashlee Langas


Tonglen is a Buddhist meditation practice that literally translates to "Giving and Receiving". This practice is about fully receiving- in fact, breathing in- any challenging, frustrating, or heartbreaking things in our lives, and then breathing out an offering of recognition, compassion, and healing that the emotions or challenges call for. I like to think of this practice as the "Tree" meditation because our hearts can be used like trees to transmute the old into new, the hurtful into healing. By opening up to take in all of the pain and challenge we think we need to hide from, we can then watch it be transformed into something healing to offer back out into the world... just like a tree! In fact, a tree grows bigger and stronger the more it takes in... just like your heart.

Try a practice in the coming weeks of fully taking in whatever comes your way, and notice how things change when we stop resisting and instead trust the strength and power of our tiny little hearts! 

MANTRA: I trust my heart to hold and transform everything that comes my way.