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What's an adrenal and why should I care?!

Ashlee Langas


For many of us our only familiarity with the term "Adrenals" or "Adrenal Glands" is the obvious association to the well-known adrenaline... the super-human chemical that shows up to help us power through challenging situations. 

Our adrenals sit on top of our kidneys in our low back and are responsible for pumping out that extra boost, meant to be used in extreme situations only. More and more, though, people are relying on their adrenaline to help them push through daily exhaustion. We are relying on our adrenaline to help us hustle through life in order to do and achieve more, with unfortunate consequences on our health.

Additionally, we can begin to tax our adrenals when we are in prolonged states of mental or emotional stress, or surrounded by stress energy that we no longer know how to process. Our bodies begin to step in to help us move through the stressful times, and our adrenals can begin to overwork and fatigue.

With the current climate, both in the collective and in many people's individual lives, many of us are starting to feel the effects of Adrenal Fatigue. Lethargy, chronic dehydration, achiness, and a feeling of being wired by tired can all be indicators that we are overworking our adrenals and are due for a little rest and reset.

Simple things you can do today to love on your Adrenals:

1) SLEEP: Carve out extra sleep time for yourself, and make sure it is quality sleep as well. Stop looking at devices for a couple hours before bed, and try meditating as you fall asleep to drop your mind and body into the restorative state it most needs.

2) BACK OFF THE CAFFEINE: That afternoon dip that usually sends you to a coffee cup might actually be dehydration. Try chugging some lemon water and see if that lifts your energy instead!

3) NATURE: Turn off... OFF... your phone for a day. Ok, ok- start with 2 hours. Leave it at home and get your butt into some nature. Sit under a tree. Put your toes in some sand. Let the earth's energy help reset your clock and slow down your stress responses. I repeat... LEAVE THE PHONE AT HOME.

MANTRA: I can rest when I am tired. I can slow down when my body asks me to. I do not need to push through at the expense of my health.