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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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The Virgo Moon says it's time for healing

Ashlee Langas


Many of us have been moving through intense times, to say the least. Change seems to be the only constant, and whether it has been good change or bad change, many of us are feeling the effects of having had our lives shaken up in some unexpected ways.  Many of our clients have mentioned feeling weary, a little achy, and generally tired and run down.

Our bodies take on so much of the stress we move through, whether it is physical or simply emotional. Weariness and achy-ness can be an invitation to commit to some dedicated self-care and time spent getting to know how we can nourish our bodies and support them through stressful times.

Today happens to be a New Moon in Virgo, and this week is the Autumn Equinox. This moon asks us to pause and look at what wants to be healed and nourished in our bodies. Where can you revisit your food and nourishment, making the act of eating a sacred gift to the body? Where can you give your body the movement it is craving?

This week is a great time to harness this changing season in order to to sink deeper into a state of healing, replenishing what has been spent in the body, so that you can replenish your mind and heart as well.

MANTRA: Healing and wellness is my birthright. Nourishment is a sacred offering I make to myself.