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Making life sacred

Ashlee Langas


Most of us can remember a few key moments in our lives where we have experienced feelings of great awe and deep reverence... the feeling that we are in the presence of something sacred. How do we cultivate more of this sensation of sacredness and connection in our day to day lives?

Making our lives a sacred practice is no different than meditation; it is the art of bringing stillness and total awareness to simple moments, and finding something there that was not visible upon first glance. 

We can start by creating little ceremonies and rituals that pepper our days with pause and contemplation. A few ideas to start with:

-Create a moving meditation when you first awake. Before you look at any screen, get out of bed and begin moving through rooms "waking them up" by lighting incense, a candle, or burning some palo santo. As you move room to room, be with your breath and take stock of how you are feeling before interacting with the world outside of yourself. If you have a morning meditation practice, let this routine of "activating your space" lead you into your meditation. 

-Create a home altar (or many!). An altar is any space you devote to reflecting your soul, your connection, and what you are working to create in your life. It is there to remind you of who you are and what you believe in. Candles, photos, precious stones or gathered items of meaning placed in a beautiful and appealing way can become an anchor of rememberence every time you pass by. Trying creating different altars in different rooms for different purposes! Maybe your kitchen altar will reflect the energies of health and vibrancy, while your living room altar reminds you of the bounty of love you want to foster for family and friends. There are no rules... this is about what feels good to your soul.

-Build an evening routine to close out your day. Honor what happened- both the hurts and the joys- and offer gratitude for the newness that is guaranteed with each new coming day. Journaling, meditating, or simply turning off your phone and sharing with a loved one are all simple but powerful ways to bring closure and rest to each day.

Creating a sacred life is as simple as bringing your full attention to the tiniest of moments and excavating them for joy, beauty, and grace. Start by carving out a few of these moments in each day, and soon you will find yourself noticing your life in a way you never have before!

MANTRA: I am sacred. My life is sacred. Every moment offers an opportunity for reverent connection if I will simply notice.