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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Breathing into anxiety is easier than you think...

Ashlee Langas


If you've been in any kind of yoga or stretch class you've probably been instructed to "breathe into your tension". In meditation and any sort of mindfulness practice we often talking about "breathing through an emotion".

What does this even mean though?!

Harnessing the power of breath to move and soften challenging thoughts, emotions, or physical contractions is a tool available to all of us in every moment. Often we don't take advantage of this incredible power, though, because we either feel unclear, unwilling, or too intimidated to lean in. Much of our suffering comes from the resisting of our experiences: we clench against pain, we tighten against a challenging emotion, and we deny our uncomfortable thoughts. To breath into any and all of these experiences is to be willing to not only receive what is coming up for us, but to in fact welcome it in... to love anything and everything that is coming up for you, because it is a part of you. Slowing and deepening our breath with the intention of staying with the experience we are having allows us to fully process and release whatever is coming up for our attention. Physically, we can use the breath to expand our body rather than contract. Emotionally, we can use the breath to navigate challenging terrain slowly and mindfully rather than forcing or hurrying something aside.

A visual we like to use is to imagine using your inhales to inflate a balloon right into the point of tension in your body. If the experience you are having is more emotionally or mentally rooted, imagine surrounding the feeling with the breath on every inhale, and letting yourself soften around it with every exhale. Stay with your breath, focusing all your attention and intention on not only welcoming in the feelings that are arising, but staying with them until they subside or soften. 

MANTRA: My breath is available to me in every moment, and it is all I need. I have the power to move through anything by simply staying with my breath.