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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Wellness resources and blog posts related to yoga, meditation, and healing services. 

A note from us:

Ashlee Langas


We are undoubtedly living in a time that is leaving us gasping for peace and understanding. In the world at large, and in the individual lives of so many of us, chaos and uncertainty seem to prevail- each new day bringing some new heartbreak to navigate. There may be fear, sorrow, anger, or- worst of all- numbness. We know... we feel it too... we are here in it with you.

Now more than ever we are so thankful for the privilege of being able to hold a space for you, and we are thankful that you let us show up to our work with hearts broken open, not needing to hide our own rawness. In such a time as this, connecting and feeling through the muck and loving on friends and strangers alike feels like the only medicine worth taking. The joys and pains that you have brought through our doors and entrusted us with over the past few months have exploded the expectations and dreams we had for this space a mere four months ago. 

In the words of Marianne Williamson- "One world is dying while another is struggling to be born. Our job is to attend to them both". 

We hope we can continue to make the studio a space where you can come as you are, bring what you are carrying, and let us help you attend to it with a little more gentleness and compassion. 

We are committed to continue learning how to honor our pain while expanding our joy at the same time. We invite you to join us.

We love you.
Julia and Ashlee