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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Where Can I Make Space? What Can I Let Go?

Ashlee Langas


Many of us have a long list of changes we'd like to see in our lives, but rarely are we as willing to take inventory of what clutter- mental, emotional, or physical- needs to be cleared in order to make space for the desired change.

Releasing the old does not have to be a judgment of it. Situations and patterns serve a purpose and help us along our way, but it is our job to notice when they've run their course and are ready to be released in order to make space for the next helpful thing along our path. Releasing can feel scary- it opens us up to unknown newness, and often shows us the places where we've come to value comfort over joy. 

Take stock today of your internal closet... how bad is your hoarder situation? Are you holding on to things that are hurting your more than helping you? Can you bring awareness to some patterns or situations that have clearly run their course? How can you free up some of your energy by letting some of these things go, rather than clinging or fighting to hold on out of fear?

MANTRA: With everything I surrender, space opens up for something better. As I loosen my grip, I find greater strength and freedom.