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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Where am I being dishonest with myself?

Ashlee Langas


Real Talk: we all have the places where we are really good at bullshitting ourselves. The places where we've avoided facing some challenging realities, or where we resist the things that we know will help us the most. It doesn't matter so much WHY we dodge ourselves in this way, what matters is that we become aware of it, with the true desire to connect more honestly with ourselves. Every time we avoid something within ourselves that is crying out, or excuse our way out of the things we know we need, we breed little seeds of distrust within ourselves. The only true relationship we can rely on from birth to death is the one we have with ourselves, and so no one deserves our honesty and authenticity more than our true selves... our soul.

Where can you call "bullshit!" on one of your habits or thought patterns today? Where can you start to bring awareness to the places where you don't follow through on yourself the way you would expect a friend or loved on to? Start with simple awareness... the change will follow from there.
MANTRA: I am worthy of my own honesty. I deserve the highest and best relationship with myself.