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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Learning to say NO

Ashlee Langas


Most of us are conditioned to say "yes" as much as possible. Learning to say "yes" more often can be a beautiful practice in stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zones, but sometimes saying yes can become a new kind of prison that we trap ourselves in. Saying yes when we know we don't want to, don't have time to, or don't completely resonate with the ask can wear us down and create resentments over time. 

Learning to identify the requests that are not in alignment with the life we are trying to create, and then having the courage to say "no", can be one of the greatest gifts we learn to offer ourselves. Saying "no" makes space for a better "yes". Saying
"no" is an act of rebellion for our own happiness. Saying "no" can be an incredible offering of self-love.

Where can you say no this week when your people-pleasing instincts would have you say yes? Where can you stand up for yourself, your time, and your wellbeing?

MANTRA: I am allowed to say no. I am allowed to honor my instincts. I am allowed to make space for my soul.