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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

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Finding stillness in the chaos

Ashlee Langas


Too many of us are moving through our lives with little to no space left to simply sit in stillness with our own being. We pack our days full from top to bottom, squeezing as much as possible in to every minute, then collapsing into exhaustion every night (or worse- feeling trapped by a mind that no longer knows how to calm down).

Meditation can take many forms, and the ultimate purpose is to commit a few minutes every day where we agree to simply be in stillness with our mind and heart. When we do not make space for ourselves in this way, we can find ourselves over time living from a place of fear, confusion, and exhaustion rather than intuition and power. 

Meditation does not have to be closing your eyes and chanting. It does not have to involve elaborate visualizations. It doesn't even have to feel blissful! Meditation is a commitment to uncovering some mental stillness, so that you can live more and more from this place. For you, this practice might start as simply drinking a cup of coffee or tea as you stare out the window at a tree or nature of some kind. Maybe you will light a candle or incense and simply watch the burning. The only rule is that this is time of no distractions, no interruptions, and no tasks- this time is simply about getting still with yourself so that you know what's going on inside you. This is how we begin to find our way to our true and unwavering center.

MANTRA: I give myself the gift of stillness today and every day because I know that I am worth it and life flows better when I start from this place.