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Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

Weekly Nuggets

Wellness resources and blog posts related to yoga, meditation, and healing services. 

Are you having fun with it?

Ashlee Langas


Life, that is...
Are you allowing yourself to find the fun and play in the seemingly mundane?
Or are you compartmentalizing and "earning" your enjoyment?

Sometimes (ahem, most of the time) we take ourselves WAY too seriously.
We may even have gotten ourselves locked into a belief system that we have to earn our enjoyment of life through an exchange of hard work and misery.

Enjoying is not cheating.
Things feeling easy does not mean you are lazy.
Having fun does not have to be separate from being of service.

This weekend and into the coming weeks try allowing space for fun and play to weave into the ordinary moments of your days.

Where are you choking off your joy?
Where can you soften your seriousness?
How much permission for play can you allow in?

MANTRA: Enjoying is not cheating.
My joy is an offering!

Can you hold it in the light?

Ashlee Langas


It can often seem that we humans are wired for negativity... and, in fact, we are!

Survival instincts bias our imaginations toward all of the
terrible things that could happen to us.

Something might be going very well in our lives, but at the slightest hint of falter or imperfection we spiral to the opposite end of the spectrum,
bracing for the fall.

What if instead we practiced holding things in the Light that we've seen them in.

We can train our minds to hold people and situations in the highest good that we've seen them in, drawing out the Light, even if it is just a crack.

Walking a path of mindfulness and wellness means cultivating discipline. Discipline of our minds and souls is just as important as discipline of our bodies.

When situations get sour or life gets tense we are offered the opportunity to practice holding these things in the highest light of what we've seen and felt possible.

Rather than worrying about loved one's illness, practice holding them in the light of perfect health in your mind.

Instead of stressing and spiraling about a tense project at work, cultivate the discipline of holding the situation and everyone involved in the highest light of what you'd like to see play out.

Where can you release worry and control this week and practice holding and drawing out the Light?

MANTRA: My only job is to find and focus on the crack of light in everything. 

Get curious about your rage...

Ashlee Langas


Get Curious About Your Anger...

Anger and rage can sometimes feel like the forbidden frontier of our mental and emotional wellness. We've often been taught to fear and judge our anger, or to hide and repress it in unhelpful and unhealthy ways.

Our anger, like any other emotion, is simply trying to
communicate something to us.
Where are your boundaries feeling violated?
Where are you feeling depleted, unseen, or under-appreciated?

Rather than avoid this sometimes uncomfortable emotion, or clench around it in judgement, where can you get curious about what it is trying to show you?

How can you find healthy ways to lean in and explore your rage, letting it teach you something about yourself and the present flow of your life?

MANTRA: My anger is a tool guiding me into a deeper understanding of myself. Thea!

Ashlee Langas


Have you met Thea yet? Her Tuesday 6:15pm Yin & Flow class is one of our favorites, and her unique and tailored combination of juicy, deep stretches with and non-traditional flow to follow is the perfect way to end the day. Thea always has a big smile on her face, and keen eye for what your body is needing that you didn't even realize!
We'll let her tell you more...


Tell us the story of how you first came to or discovered the practice you teach. Where were you in life? What were the circumstances?

I came to yoga well over a decade ago because I became really ill. As with many creative types, I was working a toxic day job and pursuing my art in my off time. The position was working in a casino as third party player, basically I was paid to play games for a living. Which came with the added bonus of seeing people lose their money and spiral into the depths of addiction, as well as experiencing verbal threats from unhappy players. It got to the point I was frazzled and fried all the time, it was hard to get out of bed and I was living against my core values. I fried my adrenals and thyroid through the stress of it all, I am hyperactive by nature and found myself having a hard time just getting one task a day done. I was looking for something that would get me back to my body, back to my life, and back to center. That's when yoga became a big part of my life. Ironically, I started with the most gentle form of Yoga Bikram. Anyway, that heated sweatbox experience created interest in going deeper and eventually away from a hot room into more traditional movement, then into advanced body mechanics. 

Why did you decide to teach? What's your favorite gift that you receive from teaching?

It's a classic heroes journey if we are talking about Yoga, it started with a phone call asking me when I would begin teaching classes. I had a few trainings under my belt, and I was not yet teaching yoga classes. I would incorporate movement into my guided imagery, hypnotherapy sessions and art workshops. I just wasn't emotionally prepared to teach yoga yet. I've taught many things from English to filmmaking to art workshops.  I had my own small studio at the time in Atwater Village, the person who called me had heard from one of my teachers I had trained with that I was certified. So when they asked me when classes would start, I answered Tuesday. That was somewhere around 6000 hours of teaching back. My favorite gift is watching transformation, when the light comes on when the epiphany is had. That's the gift I appreciate the most when the student finds their way.

What "titles" do you assign yourself now? As many as you like!

I am a Yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, Core Strength Vinyasa master teacher trainer, Yoga Nidra trainer, artist and fallible human seeking the "Why's" of the universe. 

What is your current favorite daily personal practice, whether it's something you teach or not?

My favorite daily practice right now is to do something creative 45-minutes a day. It may manifest as making an art film, photography, water color, or acrylics. Since, I went full-time into my practice 4-years ago sometimes the artist gets a little neglected. Connecting to source or the muse is part of my practice. 

What do you most want people to experience in your class?

Freedom, enlightenment and a touch of humor! My focus is on advanced body mechanics and functional anatomy whether I am teaching yin or a flow based practice. When people learn to move with their structural alignment versus the idealized shape  (which may not be possible), it opens up new doors and opportunities for them. 

What is one current mantra or intention you are working with?

To play big and be seen. I tend to like to wrap my self up in the illusion of invisibility and play small but as a yoga instructor, teacher trainer, and hypnotherapist being seen and sharing are key to offering my gifts. It's a continual work in progress.

What does "Rebel" mean to you?
I think being a Rebel means having the balls or ovaries to ask why and not just accept things as face value. At least that's my experience. I am the black sheep of my family and have been excommunicated from the faith I grew up in because I didn't like the answer to their "why". In the words of Katherine Hepburn "If you obey all the rules, you miss the fun."