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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

The Rebels

Thea Pueschel – Yoga Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Curious Human

The whys of life have always called to Thea. Why do some bodies move with ease and others with difficulty? Why do we think certain ways? She has spent her life searching for her whys, and as she has discovered her own answers, she sought to help others find out the why of their whys. She leads you through missions of self-discovery through dynamic and passive movement, the subconscious and self-study. Whether you want to see how deep you can travel through Yoga Nidra, or how your anatomy translates into poses, you will find the why of your whys and walk away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be you. Click here to learn more about Thea!

Heather-Rae Bang- founder of V(EYE)BES

Heather-Rae Bang utilizes sound healing, to create a safe, relaxed environment for her clients to access their deeper intelligence and creative imagination to effectively navigate life, relationships, career, and health in this time of accelerated complexity. Heather-Rae, founder of V(EYE)BES is a Reiki Master accredited by the International Reiki Organization, New World Natives, Holisticism and a member of the International Reiki Professionals Association. V(EYE)BES is located in Downtown Los Angeles and offers Cacao Ceremonies, Kambo Ceremonies, SOMA Awakening Breathwork Meditation, Soundbaths, Reiki Healing, and more. Click here to learn more about Heather-Rae!

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Maurice Kaehler - yoga teacher and preacher of the truths of the Divine Yeehah

He considers that the style of yoga he teaches is the “style of no style” Back him against the wall and he’ll describe it as “Taoist Yoga” An autodidact to heart, he brings a large band with of experience and knowledge into the Rebel space, “skillfully create an atmosphere in class that enables one to have  – somehow at the same time  – both a group and an individual experience.” Breathing is the base note of all of his classes making his classes fun, a gathering of community, and gold for those who are in partnership.

I like his vibe and his heart. I think there is a depth of wisdom that he brings that can’t really be taught. Thomas Oliver, chiropractor

Maurice is wandering in infinity and never looking back. His Yoga will only make those who follow him wander too. This is the only thing he has to sell. infinity eternally arising as each one of us. Mark Whitwell : yoga teacher and author: The Promise: You Can Have What You Really Want

Maurice makes the simple profound.  To breathe is to live. Randall A. Petrie, Esq. Principal of Dread Brothers Entertainment, LLC (Former In-house Counsel to Stevie Wonder)