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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.



Give the gift of wellness!

Do you have a friend or loved one whom you have been trying to get to try yoga or meditation? Why not purchase them a single class or better yet a month of unlimited classes so they can see the benefits for themselves. 

Single Class $20 // New Student Month Unlimited $45

Class Packages

Private Yoga & Training w/ Ashlee

If you are just starting yoga and want a little leg up (pun intended) before you jump into a yoga class this is a great option for you. Are you ready to move your practice to the next level, say from beginner to intermediate? This is a great option for you. Maybe you are looking for a personal training style program that includes yoga, HIIT (high intensity interval training), pilates and sculpting and deep stretching. Ashlee also offers pre and post natal sessions for expecting and new mothers.

May be purchased as gifts. Email to find out about semi-private options.  

Private Yoga Packages

Energy Healing w/ Julia

Reiki and Energy Healing is a gentle, hands-on healing practice. Immediate benefits include a decrease in tension and anxiety, and can help minimize the physical side effects of these conditions as well. Additionally, energy healing is beneficial for a wide range of physical and emotional trauma. Cases I have worked with include addiction, chronic pain, injury recovery, depression and anxiety, fertility, cancer, trouble sleeping, adrenal fatigue, as well as severe and debilitating emotional traumas.

Offerings include 60 and 90 minute energy healing sessions,  curated soul ceremonies using a variety of modalities, and more. 

Energy Healing Sessions

Inner Rebellion Digital Course


Join us...

Self-care has become such a buzz word that we don’t even know what it means any more or the reason why we’re doing it. True self-care is about cultivating the relationship we have with ourselves, because when that relationship is solid, we are able to relate to everything and everyone else in our lives in a healthy and loving way. Taking care of ourselves first is actually a great service to the people we love and care about the most, and all of the areas of our life where we have responsibilities. When we focus on the inside first, the outside falls into place. We all have goals and dreams and things we want to accomplish, but what if we approached them in a different way? What if we focused more on cultivating ourselves and our self-worth, knowing that as we do that work, we will naturally find ourselves drawing in all the great things we desire? We’re excited to share with you our 21-day Inner Rebellion Program. Every day for 21 days you will receive an email with videos, exercises, audio recordings, and more all geared at cultivating yourself and your desired feelings from the inside out.

The Program Includes:

*Daily written teachings, mantras, and affirmations across various traditions

*EFT Tapping videos to identify and clear limiting beliefs

*Yoga and Stretch videos to guide you into a regular home practice of connecting to your body in a mindful way

*Audio Meditations to kickstart a regular home practice

*Carefully cultivated guidance to reconnect you to your soul's desires and align your mind, body, and spirit!


Inner Rebellion Digital Course

Join us for our 21 day transformational program. Each day you will receive an email straight to your inbox with a video, audio and written teachings.  You will also get access to a private Facebook community of others going through the program.


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