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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

The Mystic Rebel | Private Yoga, Meditation and Healing

Our one-on-one private yoga, energy and meditation sessions in Downtown LA are the best way to dive deeper into self-discovery and exploration.

Private Healing, Yoga, & Meditation in the heart of DTLA

Sometimes the best fix for life's stresses is a little me-time. Our one-on-one yoga, energy and meditation session are the best way to dive deeper into self-discovery and exploration. Go beyond what you know. Whether you are stuck or lost, in pain or in celebration there is so much to learn and so much more work to be done.


Private Yoga

Private hour long sessions are personalized to fit your needs. Classes may include Vinyasa style yoga focused on core stability, building strength and deep stretching; high intensity interval training (HIIT) using resistance bands, sliding discs and your own body weight to sculpt and tone; restorative or Yin Yoga; or any combination.



Reiki & Energy Work

Offerings include 60 and 90 minute energy healing sessions combining Reiki, Pranic & Shamanic tools, crystals, sound, and more. This work can be deep and transformative, as well as playful and empowering. We can address daily stresses or deep traumas and injuries… I’ll meet you wherever you are and guide you to where you’d like to be.

See our Healing Menu for options and more information.


Private Meditation

We believe that everyone can be meditating- no exceptions. It's an intimidating word, and can be an even more intimidating practice… but we’re here to take the edge off. If you are looking for support and guidance to begin building this powerful wellness practice into your daily life, talk to us about booking private meditation sessions that are personalized and right for you, or pairing them with our other offerings.

Looking for a little bit of everything? Talk to us about curating a custom experience that weaves together all of our offerings and more. Whether it's a birthday, special life event, or just another Saturday- we'd love to work with you to sculpt something incredible for you and your loved ones.