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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

Julia / Energy Work

Energy Work & Study w/ Julia Albain

I like to say that I have been tricked and surprised by my path every step of the way… and I wouldn’t change a thing. I am passionate about energy work and mystical, sacred study because I have had my cynicism and skepticism continually disproven as I’ve gone. I came to this work from a place of deep pain and desperation, and also deep doubt; I didn’t buy it. Yet, after just one encounter I knew there was something in this that was curious to me. I’ve followed that curiosity for over 5 years now and have never looked back. Now I’m passionate about opening up space for others to follow their curiosity as well. What if things are far more fantastical than we’ve ever dared to imagine?

Julia Albain is an Energy Worker and lover of humans. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher in the Tibetan Usui and Karuna lineages. Additionally, she is trained and practices in Integrative Energy Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Mindfulness, and more. Julia serves private clients and students in a variety of capacities with the intention of awakening the natural healing abilities that live in each of us, and supporting the emergence of intuitive guidance as a way of life.

Julia co-founded and ran The Mystic Rebel Healing Collective in DTLA for 2 years, serving the community with grounded and accessible wellness and mindfulness tools. Currently, Julia offers private client and student support, as well as serving a student base of 60+ energetic practitioners, and holds regular circles, gatherings, and trainings in an effort to bring connection and community back into daily life. Additionally, Julia has worked in corporate offices across the Los Angeles area introducing alternative wellness and mindfulness practices for the benefit of more functional and sustainable office environments.

Julia’s mission is to align and tune our individual and collective energies so that we can return to living in right relationship with ourselves, others, and the planet... and to weave some whimsy and play in along the way.

In Person, Distance, and 1:1 Intensive Work

Combining Reiki, Shamanic Energy Work, Integrative Energy Therapy and more,

1:1 sessions address challenges and growth opportunities at every level of being.

If we begin to think of energy as the foundation and blueprint of our lives, we can understand how addressing and re-aligning the fundamental energy of any chronic pattern is the key to sustainable and lasting change.

This work addresses trauma of the mind, heart, body, and spirit, as well as opens the way for transformation, expansion, and alignment.

Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom, and multi-session packages and series are available and recommended.

If you are needing a deeper dive and a more focused and committed program for healing,

I hold 5 spots available for 1:1 Creative Healing Intensive clients.

This program is seven sessions,

weekly practices, prompts, and assignments,

opening and closing ceremonies,

and customized ritual.

This program is dedicated to those who are ready to throw some serious energy and attention at any pattern or area of life that is ready to shift, and for those who are looking for a deep and dedicated space to reconnect to the Soul in themselves and in all of Life.


Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing I & II

What's your personal magic? This course begins the journey of tapping into your inherent magic... you innate abilities that are ready to be utilized in support of your life and those you come in contact with. Our goal is to remember our true nature, our natural capacity, and to let it flow with ease and support. By remembering the ancient and universal principles of energy at work in the world around us we can begin to work with these forces to live life in right relationship with ourselves and everything we encounter. These trainings awaken and activate natural intuitive and psychic giftings and the inherent healing abilities that we all carry. Upon completing level 1 & 2 participants hold a Reiki Practitioner Certification, as well as a bundle of additional techniques to explore and implement in healing work. These courses are designed to guide participants into a deeper relationship to the soul, and to the soul that is in everything we encounter… the awakening of gifts and intuitive abilities is a bonus! 

Intuitive Energy Healing Level 1

-Reiki 1 Attunement

-Complete Chakra and Aura Info & Mapping

-Meditations to awaken and expand intuition

-Exercises to generate and protect personal energy

-Practices to begin doing self-healing and energy alignment

Intuitive Energy Healing Level 2

-Reiki 2 Attunement

-Five sacred symbols to focus energy for healing and empowerment

-Distance Healing activation and instruction: understanding energy across time and space.

-Shamanic and Pranic energy healing techniques for balancing, cleaning, and clearing energy on self and others

-Hands-on practice time reading and moving energy in others

-Partner exercises to deepen intuitive reading abilities and uncover natural gifts.

-Meditations to begin connecting with guides and helpers


Energy Immersion & PlayLab

This extended training group meets six times over the course of nearly three months to take a deep dive into a variety of energetic traditions and sacred practices. We will create a container for deep exploration into the energy field, a harnessing of natural gifts and intuitive abilities, as well as a return to ancient and sacred practices. We will deepen into our relationship with spirit while creating a space for shared healing and expansion amongst this intimate group. Work includes both classroom time as well as time spent in nature working with the elements and connecting to the earth. Additionally, registration includes two 1:1 calls for support, guidance, intuitive coaching, or distance energy work depending on what the participant is feeling in need of.

Teachings include (yet not limited to):

-Art of Ceremony

- Language & Story of Healing

-Journeying & Distance Work

-Muscle testing & additional body tools

-Tools for Integration

-Ancient Ways: Candle Magic, Crystal Gridding, Water Tuning

- Scrying

- Cards, Pendulums, tools of divination

-Elemental Energy Work 

-Honoring and Connecting to the Land

- Group Energy Work  & Space Shifting



The Master Pracitioner & Master Teacher training includes the sacred symbols and attunements in the Tibetan Usui & Karuna Lineages of Reiki. These training levels offer advanced energy healing techniques including extraction & psychic surgery, as well as introducing the process of Attunements, which can be used for healing, empowering, or teaching purposes on self & others. This training is an intensive weekend with an abundance of hands-on practice time. Participants must have completed a Reiki 1 & 2 course with the appropriate attunements. Reach out to discuss if you feel ready to embark on this training.


Private and small group trainings and mentorship programs are available upon request. We will work together to sculpt a schedule and protocol that feels right for you and supports the learning and growth that is calling to you as a healer and intuitive being.



Fall Equinox Reiki & Intuitive Energy Healing

September 21 & 22

Level I & II Tibetan Usui & Karuna Practitioner Certification + additional Shamanic & Pranic techniques.

Reach out to discuss if this training is right for you.

Space is limited.

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Autumn Equinox.png

Looking Ahead: Energy Immersion & PlayLab

Begins Sept 25 2019… space is limited and filling!

Follow your curiosities into a medley of energetic practices and sacred traditions in this 3 month immersion program and study designed to awaken your subtle senses and expand your understanding of the spirit in all things.

Meeting twice a month for almost 3 months, we will create a container for deep exploration into the energy field, a harnessing of natural gifts and intuitive abilities, as well as a return to ancient and sacred practices. We will deepen into our relationship with the spiritual realm while creating a space for healing and connection amongst this intimate group.

The next Immersion begins Sept 25 2019 and runs thru Nov 16th, meeting six times throughout. Reach out for info and to discuss registration.