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453 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90013
United States

Downtown Los Angeles' oasis for Yoga, Meditation, and Healing.

Ashlee / Yoga


Ashlee Langas- Co-owner and Founder

Yoga Teacher // Stoned Yoga

After a decade as a professional dancer with credits including So You Think You Can Dance, Bette Midler, Robin Thicke and Ricky Martin, Ashlee transitioned her love of movement into a career as a yoga teacher. Ashlee's classes, events and private sessions are a fun exploration of your body through connecting your mind, body and spirit.

“Anyone can teach a well sequenced yoga class. The real magic happens when you really SEE someone and slow down just to be with whatever experience they are having. This is what keeps my students coming back. I like to leave people a little better than I found them”

Private sessions with Ashlee are tailored to your needs and goals and can include the following.

  • Vinyasa Yoga (all levels)

  • Pre and postnatal yoga

  • Physical therapy and pain management

  • Strength building and weight-loss

Session can be booked for an hour and are available in the studio or in home. Contact for rates.


Stoned Yoga

At The Mystic Rebel we believe in and support anything and everything that brings you to a brighter, bolder way of life... whether socially acceptable or still a little fringe. 

Cannabis is finally having it's moment to step out of the shadows and into the light. When Ashlee sculpted our ever-popular Thursday evening Stoned Yoga class she said:

"Everyone smokes and does yoga in their house anyway! I want folks to finally be able to connect around that."

We've loved packing the studio with rebel souls eager for connection, and expanding into new, unexpected places to bring that same energy of exploration, community, and a little bit of bad-assery.

We hope you will join us to bring your practice into new and unexpected settings, and merge wellness, mindfulness, and pure renegade fun!

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